Justin’s Back-bend Workshop

Jun 29, 2019 | Workshops & Events

Aerial yoga is a wonderful and unique way to relax and stay fit. However there are some potential risk for injuries when you are practicing on the aerial hammock off the air.

Recently, we have invited a very experienced aerial yoga instructor, Justin Wong Peng Soon to share with us how to strengthen the core, improve flexibility and confidence through back-bending and aerial yoga poses in a safe manner without getting hurt. It was a special 4 hour workshop with Justin to discover the secret technique for safer and better back-bending in aerial yoga.


As a professional dancer, dance instructor, choreographer, yoga instructor, aerial yoga instructor, as well as yoga instructor trainer, Justin Wong has practiced yoga and dance for more than fifteen years, with intensely rich teaching and performance experience. Started his learning of yoga firstly and the learning of dance later, this unique background gives him a more unusual accomplishment in both yoga and dance. He is not born naturally flexible and this enables him to have a more profound understanding, perception and awareness as a teacher.

Born in Malaysia, he went to Hong Kong to pursue his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance (Honours) after winning the full non-local student scholarship to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. After graduation, he continued to attend different yoga workshops and obtain different international yoga instructor certifications, such as Universal Yoga. Now a full-time yoga instructor in Hong Kong, he was also honored to be invited to be a special guest performer at the first anniversary of Lululemon in Hong Kong. Within his limited life time and force, he wish to share generously the infinite knowledge and wisdom of yoga with those who encounter him in life.

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